The Vampire Diaries Characters

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HintFirst NameLast Name
Main Girl- Gilbert
Younger Main Vampire- Salvatore
Older Main Vampire- Salvatore
Turned By Damon- Forbes
Witch/The Anchor- Bennett
Elena's Brother- Gilbert
Petrova Doppelgänger- Pierce/Petrova
The First Hybrid- Mikaelson
Hybrid- Lockwood
Human Quarter Back- Donovan
Legal Guardian/Aunt- Sommers
Legal Guardian- Saltzman
Doctor- Fell
Tyler's Mother- Lockwood
Caroline's Mother- Forbes
Jeremy's Ex-Girlfriend
Matt's Sister- Donovan
Anna's Mother- Tomb Vampire
An Original Vampire- Mikaelson
An Original Vampire- Mikaelson
An Original Vampire- Mikaelson
An Original Vampire- Mikaelson
Most Powerful Vampire Hunter- Original Vampire
The Original Witch- Original Witch
Tyler's Uncle- Lockwood
Elena's Actual Father- Gilbert
Klaus' Sacrificial Werewolf
Bonnie's Grandmother- Bennett
The Pastor's Daughter- Young
Pregnant Werewolf- Marshall
Damon's Ex-Lover
College Professor- Shane
Warlock- Martin
Tyler's Father- Lockwood
Stefan's Oldest Friend- Branson
Elena's Actual Mother- Flemming
Professional Vampire Hunter- Jordan
Bonnie's Ancestor- Bennett
Bonnie's Mother- Bennett Wilson
Caroline's Father- Forbes
Damon's Ex-Girlfriend- Star
Matt's Mother- Donovan
Meredith's Cousin- Fell
Finn's Love
Luka's Sister- Martin
Rose' Oldest Friend
First Known Immortal
Katherine's Daughter- Petrova
College Professor/Augustine Member- Maxfield

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