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LyricSong Title (# words)
You've got to get yourself together, you got stuck in a moment...Stuck in a Moment (8)
It's everything I wish I didn't know, except you give me something...Vertigo (3)
In the days, when we were swinging from the trees...Wild Honey (4)
And I miss you when you're not around...City of Blinding Lights (7)
Through the storm we reach the shore...With or Without You (8)
I don't know, I don't know which side I'm on...Two Hearts Beat as One (7)
It's a beautiful day, sky falls you feel like it's a beautiful day...Beautiful Day (5)
One life, but we're not the same...One (6)
I have climbed highest mountains, I have run through the fields...I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (5)
To let it go so to find a way...Bad (3)
I was on the outside when you said...I Will Follow (3)
LyricSong Title (# words)
I want to be with you, be with you night and day...New Year's Day (6)
We turn away to face the cold, enduring chill...One Tree Hill (8)
If I crawl, if I come crawling home...In a Little While (4)
All the promises we make...All I Want is You (6)
I and I in the sky... ... so high, elevationElevation (8)
Like a song I have to sing...Like a Song (5)
She's the wave, she turns the tide...Mysterious Ways (7)
soul love...Angel of Harlem (7)
Everywhere you go you shout it...Original of the Species (8)
Only love, only love can leave such a mark, but only love...Magnificent (7)
I could never take a chance...A Man and A Woman (6)

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