Animals by Species II

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Can you name the animals by the species or breed listed?

Featured May 30, 2010

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Species or BreedAnimal
Fishing, Asian Leopard, British Shorthair
Canada, Cape Barren, Greylag
King, Spitting, Shieldnose
Rothschild, Reticulated, South African
Giant, Silky, Southern Tamandua
Amazonian, Dwarf, West Indian
Round, Earth, Flat
Angora, Cashmere, Anatolian Black
Orange-Spined Hairy Dwarf, Himalayan, Stump-Tailed
Bearded, Java Warty, Vietnamese Pot-Bellied
Desert, Galapagos, Burmese Star
Lesser Antillean, Green, Black
Sparkling-Tailed, Great Sapphirewing, Black-Eared Fairy
Atlantic, Pacific, Laptev Sea
Desert, Spectacled, Scarlet
Leadbeater's, Brushtail, Ringtail
Species or BreedAnimal
Wild, Ocellated, Domestic
Swift, Paradise, Blue-Crowned Green
Pearl, Pacific, Sydney Rock
Star-Nosed, Japanese Shrew, Long Tailed
True Death's Head, Madagascar Hissing, German
Snowshoe, Arctic, Desert
Giant, Pink Fairy, Nine-Banded
Banded Woolly Bear, Giant Swallowtail, Saddleback
Blue-Footed, Nazca, Peruvian
Chilean Sea, Smallmouth, Striped
House, Field, Deer
Tokay, Gold Dust Day, Leopard
Masai Sprite, Dancing Jewel, Green Darner
Turkey, King, Hooded
Leghorn, Silkie, Dutch Bantam
African Bush, African Forest, Asian

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