TCA cycle enzyme mechanisms

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Citrate synthase is a ____dimer
Each subunit has two _____
When in an open formation, there is a cleft for ______ binding
Once that substrate binds, there is a ______ changeThe smaller domain of each subunit rotates 18 degrees to seal of oxaloacetate.
This is an example of ________ fit
The conformaional change stops the ______ accessing the oxaloacetate
During the conformational change, a _____ing ______ for acetylCoA is formed
Citrate sythase exhibits ordered ______ kinetic behaviour.
True or false: there are 4 catalytic residues
True or false: there are 3 catalytic residues
True or false: there are 2 His residues
AcetylCoA and oxaloacetate react to form an intermediate, called ___________
AcetylCoA attacks the ___ face of oxaloacetate
The final product is ________duh

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