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A gene that affects expression of another gene is said to be...-
Such genes are called _____ genes-
The affected gene is said to be...-
When a gene is expressed at an unusual time/location it is called __________ expression-
An example of a Drosophila gene that can experience this is called the ________ genePress X to skip...
It experiences a change in expression after that chromosome undergoes an __________(disruption of gene order...) Press X to skip...
A chromosome with a centromere near the centre is said to be...-
A chromosome with a centromere near one of its ends is said to be...-
_______ inversions involve the centromere in the inverted region.-
_______ inversions exclude the centromere from the inverted region.-
The mitotic spindle attaches to a chromatid's ___________a 'protein motor'
Four phases of cell cycle (letters in order)-
First phase of mitosis-
Second phase of mitosis-
Third phase of mitosis-
Fourth phase of mitosis-
After these 4 phases comes...-
First stage of Prophase 1 (of Meiosis 1)-
Second stage of Prophase 1-
Third stage of Prophase 1-
Fourth stage of Prophase 1-
Fifth stage of Prophase 1-
What stage of Prophase 1 involves formation of the '(something) complex'?-
What stage of Prophase 1 involves breakdown of the '(something) complex'?-
What is the 'something' in '(something) complex'?-
The period between meiosis 1 and meiosis 2 is called...-
In what phase of mitosis are some organelles actively redistributed?-
In what phase of mitosis are the remaining organelles stochastically redistributed?-

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