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Stabbed a woman so she would not take her biological son?
Faked her own pregnancy to hide her daughters?
Accidently seduced a lesbian teacher?
Put a bomb in a detinator to blow up Patrick Logan?
Murdered Melanie Foster and let his brother take the blame?
Slept with Tom Scavo over 20 years ago?
Planned to kill Mike and Susan for killing his wife and child?
Told Carolyn Bigsby about her husbands affair therefore causing the hostage situation?
Got married to a man because he was old and she wanted his money?
Got electricuted after driving her car into a telephone cable post?
Got strangled whilst putting the trash out?
Stabbed themself and called police?
Got commited to a mental hospital?
Got sexually molested by her step father when she was 15?
Got addicted to her sons ADHD medication?
Left her son on the side of the road and drove off, leaving him homeless?
Shot herself in the head after donating her kidney?
Was diagnosed with cancer in season 3?
Was shot and killed by Carolyn Bigsby?
Who Did This?Answer
Hid her son with learning difficulties in the basement?
Burnt down Susan Mayer's house?
Only married Gabrielle to get latino votes in the run for mayor?
Burnt down Edie Britt's house by mistake?
Cut off her own fingers to frame Paul Young for her murder?
Tried to set Ida's cat Toby free in the tornado?
Ran over Carlos's mother, Juanita?
Killed Gabrielle's step father with a candlestick holder?
Got attacked by Carlos for sleeping with his niece?
Gave Rex the wrong medication therefore causing his death?
Took her biological son back from her mother?
Slept with her underage gardener?
Was put in jail after having no drivers lisence and faking her death?
Planned on killing Mike Delfino at the end of season 1?
Got drunk and passed out on her flowerbeds?
Hid the body of her dead husband in the freezer?
Had an affair with Bree Van De Kamp dispite her marriage to Orson?
Wrote the letter to Mary Alice Young, causing her suicide?

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