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Can you name the MLB Players whose names are definable nouns in English?

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DefinitionPlayer2009 team
A slope, large mound, or gentle embankmentToronto Blue Jays
A person who makes bread, cakes, etc.Florida Marlins (alt. Minnesota Twins)
A series or flight of stepsPhiladelphia Phillies
An area of land, usually in a natural state, that is set aside for the enjoyment of the publicPhiladelphia Phillies
A poet; one who recites poetry, often while playing a lyre or harpWashington Nationals
A wide body of water forming an indentation from the shorelineBoston Red Sox
Holes dug into the ground for the purpose of obtaining or holding waterChicago Cubs (alt. Toronto Blue Jays)
The sum or price demanded in return for a prisoner, hostage, or the victim of a kidnappingNew York Yankees
The Capital and Largest City of EgyptPhiladelphia Phillies
A corridor or passageway in a buildingMilwaukee Brewers/Seattle Mariners
A road, usually in a town or urban settingColorado Rockies
Units of distance measurement; one of them equals 5,280 feetChicago Cubs
A baked food having a filling of fruit, meat, pudding, etc.Baltimore Orioles
Empty spaces, places where something is lackingSan Diego Padres
An organization consisting of multiple teams, states, organizations or individual membersToronto Blue Jays
A term referring to any defensive player on a baseball diamond (sometimes excludes the pitcher)Milwaukee Brewers
A hollow metal instrument that is rung by the strokes of a hammer, clapper, etc.San Diego Padres
A person who prepares foodColorado Rockies
One of the United States, was once part of New HampshireNew York Mets
A large, wild canine of the family lupusLos Angeles Dodgers
DefinitionPlayer2009 team
One who pursues or searches for someone or something; a person who stalks and kills wild animalsLos Angeles Angels
A place where temporary lodgings are establishedToronto Blue Jays
A large port city, part of Virginia's second largest metropolitan areaHouston Astros
A large bundle or packageKansas City Royals
A hard, fibrous substance that makes up the trunks of trees and some shrubsCleveland Indians
A Christian house of worshipNew York Mets/Atlanta Braves
A hedge or shrubMilwaukee Brewers
A coloring materialChicago White Sox
A portion of the large intestine or a grammatical symbol used to mark a major division in a sentenceChicago White Sox
A distance, amount, stretch, or reach of some small extentMinnesota Twins
A small, wild, doglike animal of the genus vulpes, often with red or white hair and a bushy tailChicago Cubs
A tiny, flowerless plant that grows in tufts on moist ground, rocks, or tree trunksPittsburgh Pirates
Broad pieces of armor carried apart from the bodyTampa Bay Rays (alt. Los Angeles Angels)
An adult male deerKansas City Royals (alt. Oakland Athletics)
The sovereign of a small state, sometimes subservient to a kingPittsburgh Pirates
One who works extracting mineral resources from the earthDetroit Tigers
A British plural form of the word 'penny'Houston Astros
A person who builds or repairs wooden structuresSt. Louis Cardinals
A coin worth one centBoston Red Sox/San Francisco Giants
A wreath or festoon of flowers or leavesLos Angeles Dodgers

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