2009-2010 Flyers: why they're bad ass

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Can you name the 2009-2010 Flyers based on the following clues?

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Why he's a bad assplayer
The longest tenured Flyer, his name means 'win' (or more accurately, 'kick ass') in French.
Pronger's top henchman, a bad ass Finn, likes to take his family to the aquarium.
He's from Jersey.
Blocks shots with his face.
Unlike anyone on the Blackhawks, he is an actual bad ass Indian.
Won't shut up, has the ugliest mustache in all of professional sports.
Dresses up as Santa Claus, has a weird sense of humor, no one really knows what his job is.
The next big thing, beat Neimi for the game 3 overtime winner.
Why he's a bad assplayer
In a tight competition with Jayson Werth for hairiest athlete ever.
Wears a suit and tie, yells at linesmen, and calls clutch timeouts.
El Capitan; scores shorthanded goals and has a curiously high pitched voice.
Shut out the Montreal Canadians 3 times over a span of a little more than a week.
220 pounds of Dustin Byfuglin's worst nightmare.
Diminutive little Frenchman, holds his office hours behind the net.
Stoned Olli Jokinen to send the Flyers to the playoffs.
Wait a minute, who the hell is this guy? Who cares, scores goals.

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