Bella Goth Facts (Sims 1-3)

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In the original Sims what age is Bella?
Which is the same as in which other game?
Who is Bellas' husband (first and last name)
In Sims 3 Bellas family members are?
Bella has two kids....
In Sims 2 Bella lives where?
In Sims 3 Bella is introduced as a...
Who was she last seen with before disapearing in Sims 2
Bella is later seen in another town in Sims 2 which is where?
Who took Bella in Sims 2
What is Bellas Madien name?
In the origanal Sims Bella has one child which is?
What is Bellas favorite color?
Bellas Zodiac sign is...
Bellas hair color is....
Eye color is?
In Sims 3 Bellas traits are?
In Sims 3 what is her favorite music?
In Sims 3 what is her favorite food?
Don who had the intrest in Bella later chooses an intrest in Bellas child...
In Sims 3 Bella has a book about her what is it called
One of the charities in Simss 3 a sim can donate to is named after Bella also, what is it called?

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