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Who was the giants first round draft pick in 2004?
In what year were the giants established?
Who was the owner of the giants at the age of 14?
Who won the first game played at giants stadium?
Name the three super bowl mvp's for the giants?
Name the head coach who has the most super bowl victories?
Who is the last giant player to be enducted in the hall of fame?
How many championships have the giants won?
What was the final score of super bowl 42?
Who is the giants all time leading rusher?
What year was giants stadium built?
How many super bowls do the giants have?
Who sacked John Elway for a safety in super bowl 21?
What tandom of running backs ran for 1,000 yards in the same season for the giants?
What is Hakeem Nicks' number?
Who did the giants play in super bowl 35?
What year did the giants only lose two games?
What college did Lawrence Taylor go to?
Who is the current defensive coordinator of the giants?
Who is L.T.?

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