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ActorCharaterSeason(s) Present
Jahmil French9-present
Judy Jiao8–10
Adamo Ruggiero2 (recurring); 3–7 (regular); 8–9 (guest appearances)
Jordan Todosey10-present
Miriam McDonald1–9
Stacey Farber2 (recurring); 3–7 (regular); 8 (guest appearance)
Cassie Steele1–9
Jessica Tyler9-present
Jake Goldsbie1–5 (regular); 6–7 (recurring); 8 (guest appearance)
Charlotte Arnold7-present
Munro Chambers10-present
Deanna Casaluce3–4 (recurring); 5–6 (regular); 7 (guest appearances)
Spencer Van Wyck9 (guest appearance); 10-present (regular)
Andrea Lewis1–2 (recurring); 3–5 (regular)
Dalmar Abuzeid4–6 (recurring); 7–9 (regular)
Sarah Barrable-Tishauer1–8 (regular); 9 (guest appearance)
Jajube Mandiela4–7 (recurring); 8-present (regular)
Daniel Kelly10 (recurring); 10-present (regular)
Melissa McIntyre1–4 (regular); 5–7 (recurring)
Jake Epstein2–5 (regular); 6–8 (recurring)
Jamie Johnston5–10
Luke Bilyk10-present
Mike Lobel3–4, 8–9 (recurring); 5–7 (regular)
Landon Liboiron9-present
ActorCharaterSeason(s) Present
Argiris Karras8-present
Daniel Clark1–4, 6 (regular); 7 (guest appearance)
Ryan Cooley1–6
Samantha Munro7 (recurring); 8-present (regular)
Alicia Josipovic10-present
Shenae Grimes4–5 (recurring); 6–7 (regular); 8 (guest appearances)
Nina Dobrev6 (recurring); 7–8 (regular); 9 (guest appearance)
Scott Paterson6–7 (recurring); 8–9 (regular); 10 (guest appearance)
Raymond Ablack7 (recurring); 8-present (regular)
A.J. Saudin8-present
Shane Kippel
Mazin Elsadig6 (recurring); 7 (regular)
Aubrey Graham1–7 (regular); 8 (guest appearance)
Natty Zavitz7 (recurring); 8–9 (regular)
Lauren Collins1–7 (regular); 8 (guest appearances)
Sam Earle8-present
Shannon Kook-Chun9–10 (recurring); 10-present (regular)
Annie Clark9-present
Aislinn Paul6–7 (guest appearances); 8-present (regular)
Melinda Shankar8-present
Marc Donato5–6 (recurring); 7–8 (regular)
Paula Brancati7–9
Jordan Hudyma8–9
Christina Schmidt1–3

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