Metal Gear Solid Characters

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FOXHOUND's finest
Legendary Soldier
Former child-soldier
Head of FOXHOUND's medical dept.
Long time ally
Commander of RAT patrol
Friend or Foe?
'Born on the battlefield'
Gas-mask wearing psychic
Shaman and Giant
Master of Disguise
Survival trainer
Teller of Chinese Proverbs
Superior Brother
Systems analyst
Final Member of Les Enfants Terribles
Private Mercenary
Lucky Lady
Bomb fanatic
British commander
Vital member of Operation Snake-Eater
Mother of Special Forces
Like Spiderman, but worse...
Legendary Sniper
Like a bunsen burner, but worse...
At one with nature...
At one with the dead...
Sadistic Stalinist
Inventor of Shagohod
Female spy and Femme fatale
Shady Arms Dealer
Daughter of Olga
Guffauwing Squid
Aggressive Bird
Sobbing Dog
Wailing Insect
An arm for an arm

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