3 Letter Word Beginnings II

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Can you name the 3 letter word beginnings that go with the set of word endings?

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Word EndingsWord Beginning
-sse, -ntain, -rning
-mboyant, -ccid, -ck
-ten, -igate, -ochondria
-orious, -oratory, -coat
-issue, -ogon, -plussed
-erit, -onic, -igod
-lude, -posterous, -sentation
-uction, -icate, -ominal
-mon, -ious, -aphim
-nde, -ssom, -wn
Word EndingsWord Beginning
-ression, -ertise, -erience
-ee, -iculture, -ound
-nage, -dinal, -pet
-roach, -resent, -rieve
-ceny, -yngitis, -ge
-dred, -etic, -dly
-ome, -istening, -onic
-stic, -yer, -cid
-rain, -se, -minal
-page, -shackle, -ble

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