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You know how many foods are shaped like dicks? ___ ____ _____Seth
ONE NAME? Who are you? ____?Evan
We shouldn't be cock-blocking McLovin, we should be ______ his cock.Officer Michaels
Funny thing about my back is that ____ ______ __ __ ____Seth
Pussies on the ________, fellasOfficer Slater
Enjoy **** ______Seth
Gangstaaaaaaa's ____ __ ____?Fogell
That was like 8 _____ ___ _______Greg
Momma's making a _____ _____, and she wants some Seth's own dressing. Seth
This plan's been **** since ____ ______. Seth
I know that Fagell! _ ____ ____!Seth
Seth, get ___ ___ _____!Gym Teacher
I am _______Fogell
You're just gonna let me sit here and eat dessert alone like I'm ______ __________?Seth
I didn't invent ___ _______, SethTeacher

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