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Can you name the following facts about the movie Coming to America?

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Name a command Akeem gives his first bride
Who 'gets his haircut' by Clarence?
What does Akeem say to stop the cab?
Where did the King and Queen stay in America?
What job does Lisa think Akeem does in Africa?
Who plays the reverend?
What's the singer's name at the Black Awareness Rally?
What song was sang at the Black Awareness Rally?
What product did Darryl's family invent?
Who does Clarence think is the greatest boxer that ever lived?
How old is Akeem?
Where did Akeem go with Patrice for their double date?
Does King Jaffe Joffer still have sex with his bathers?
What tickets did Darryl give Cleo?
Where do they go in America?
'I was _________________ in my former life'
What fictional country is Akeem from?
What movie did the King and Queen lend their voices to in 1994?
What's the name of the band the plays at the Black Awareness Rally?
Who plays the old jewish man?
Who plays Queen Aoleon?
'Well you know baby, I'm almost single, my husband's' where?
'There is a fine line between love and' what?
Why shouldn't they use the elevator at the apartment?
What does Akeem not want thrown at his feet?
What does Cleo McDowell make for the King and Queen to eat?
Who announced that Lisa and Darryl were getting married?
Who does Darryl end up with?
Oha sings what song at the wedding?
What does Akeem win at the Restaurant?
What is the Name of the Restaurant?
Who plays Maurice, the future asst. manager, at the Restaurant?
What movie are Randolph and Mortimer from?
Who plays the man who hold's up the restaurant?

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