Latin Names of Sea Life

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Can you name the latin terms for sea animals? ?

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Common NamesLatin Names
Slipper Shell
Bladder Wrack
Daisy Brittle Star
Spiral Rockweed
Sea Shore Springtail
Arctic Rock Borer
Knotted Wrack
Purple Sponge
Northern Lobster
Northern Rock Barnacle
Waved Whelk
Northern Sea Star
Atlantic Sea Nettle
Skeleton Shrimp
Flat Rockweed
Acadian Hermit Crab
Common Spider Crab
Yellow Periwinkle
Long Clawed Hermit Crab
Green Sea Urchin
Toad Crab
Sugar Kelp
Rock Crab
Common Jingle Shell
Purple Laver
Forbes Sea Star
Irish Moss
Sulfur Boring Sponge
Frilled Anemone
Common NamesLatin Names
Lion's Mane Jelly
Lesser Sea Lettuce
Ribbed Mussel
Dog Whelk
Rough Periwinkle
Striped Anemone
Snail Fur
Sea Cucumber
Moon Jelly
Sea Colander
Common Limpet
Greater Sea Lettuce
Northern Lamp Shell
Horsetail Kelp
Prickly Jingle Shell
Purple Sea Urchin
Rough Barnacle
Maidenhair Algae
Bread Crumb Sponge
Horse Mussel
Green Crab
Blue Mussel
Blood Star
Common Periwinkle
Northern Red Anemone
Slender Sea Star
Green Slender Sea Star
Jonah Crab

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