World of Warcraft Bosses by Ability (Raid Edition)

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Can you name the World of Warcraft Bosses by Ability (Raid Edition)?

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Sample AbilitiesBossLocation
Hurtful Strike, Reverberation, Shatter
Gas Nova, Encapsulate, Fog of Corruption
Phase Punch, Big Bang, Ascend to the Heavens
Squall Line, Relentless Storm, Feedback
Lightning Nova, Overcharge, Chain Lightning
Electrocute, Shadowflame Barrage, Children of Deathwing
Melt Weapon, Eruption, Elemental Fire
Armageddon, Living Bomb, Ignite Mana
Void Zone, Meteor, Holy Wrath
Power of Tenebron, Power of Shadron, Power of Vesperon
Burning Breath, Meteor Fists, Burning Fury
Consecration, Dampen Magic, Circle of Healing
Defile, Soul Reaper, Remorseless Winter
Negative Energy, Black Hole, Darkness
Vortex, Arcane Breath, Static Field
Paralytic Bite, Impale, Ferocious Butt
Wrack, Twilight Slicer, Twilight Spit
Meteor Slash, Fel Firestorm, Consuming Darkness
Control Piece, Water Shield, Bloodlust
Overrun, Mark of Death, Earthquake
Sample AbilitiesBossLocation
Deep Breath, Tail Sweep, Bellowing Roar
Air Burst, Doomfire, Fear
Emerald Vigor, Lay Waste, Summon Nightmare Portal
Whirl, Geyser, Spout
Cleave, Doom, Rain of Fire
Sonic Breath, Sonar Bomb, Modulation
Napalm Shell, Heat Wave, Plasma Ball
Necrotic Aura, Inevitable Doom, Deathbloom
Aura of Suffering, Aura of Desire, Aura of Anger
Light Vortex, Dark Vortex, Power of the Twins
Burning Abyssal, Blast Nova, Quake
Mutating Injection, Slime Spray, Poison Cloud
Heal Brother, Explode Bug, Blizzard
Fiery Combustion, Twilight Cutter, Soul Consumption
Crushing Shadows, Incinerate, Shadow of Death
Pounding, Arcane Orb, Knock Away
Gathering Speed, Battering Ram, Flame Vents
Essence of the Red, Burning Adrenaline, Fire Nova
Flame Wreath, Blizzard, Massive Magnetic Pull

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