World of Warcraft Bosses by Ability (Party Edition)

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Can you name the World of Warcraft bosses by ability?

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Sample AbilitiesBossLocation
Crystal Chains, Intense Cold, Tail Sweep
Static Cling, Chain Lightning, Supremacy of the Storm
Time Bomb, Empowered Arcane Explosion, Frostbomb
Heaven's Fury, Fifty Lashings, Soul Sever
Quake, Wounding Strike, The Skullcracker
Mojo Frenzy, Transformation, Determined Gore
Shock of Sorrow, Storm of Grief, Pillar of Woe
Arcing Smash, Crowd Pummel, Trample
Protective Bubble, Water Bolt Volley, Water Blast
Ball Lightning, Disperse, Static Overload
Holy Fire, Reflective Shield, Summon Memory
Overlord's Brand, Mark of Rimefang, Forceful Smash
Constricting Chains, Frenzy, Disease Expulsion
Tranquility, Tree Form, Plant Blue Seedling
Mind Flay, Shadow Bolt Volley, Insanity
Sand Breath, Magic Disruption Aura, Wing Buffet
Nightmare Elixir, Deflection, Powder Explosion
Elementium Bulwark, Paralyze, Ground Slam
Call Flames, Ritual of the Sword, Sinister Strike
Earth Shards, Absorb Magic, Mind Fog
Sample AbilitiesBossLocation
Shadows of Hakkar, Shadow Spike, Deadzone
Invocation of Flame, Burning Shadowbolt, Devouring Flames
Grievous Bite, Mangling Slash, Raptor Call
Asphyxiate, Pain and Suffering, Calamity
Spell Bomb, Cyclone of Feathers, Paralyzing Screech
Supernova, Veil of Sky, Celestial Call
Phoenix, Shock Barrier, Gravity Lapse
Impending Despair, Quivering Strike, Defiling Horror
Dreadful Roar, Woe Strike, Dark Smash
Dark Spin, Lesser Shadow Fissure, Death Coil
Static Charge, Levitate, Chain Lightning
Deep Sleep, Divine Shield, Lay on Hands
Corrupt Soul, Magic's Bane, Soulstorm
Bane of Treachery, Summon Fiendish Hound, Shadow Bolt
Polarity Shift, Nether Bomb, Head Crack
Summon Frost Spectres, Frost Nova, Amnennar's Wrath
Soul Steal, Summon Avatar, Ribbon of Souls
Siphon Soul, Spirit Bolts, Drain Power
Corrupt Forces of Nature, Twisted Tranquility, Wrath

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