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The name of the carpenter Jerry gets to redo his kitchen cupboards etc, and also makes George's office desk a napping haven?
What is Kramer taping on his tv on C-Span, when he wants to watch an instructional video on making sausages in Jerry's bedroom?
What is the name of the Bizarro Newman who is a Fed Ex employee?
In the Chicken Roaster, who did Jerry and Seth know each other from?
The name of the student George wants to recieve the Susan Ross Scholarship because he wants to be an architect.
What type of pie is Kramer cooking in his oven when he decides to dry his shirt in Jerry's oven?
In the movie phone episode, what is Kramer's phone number?
What book is George forced to buy at Brentano's after bringing it into the bathroom?
When Jerry and Elaine are trying to set up George with Elaine's friend, what does George ask if her friend's cheeks have this?
The name of the fatigue wearing J Peterman employee who Elaine promotes?
The Hamptons episode, the police come to the door and report of this in the area?
The name of the line cook at Monk's. George knew he was working from the elastic in his soup?
What is the Maestro's real name?
Jerry tells George that Little Jerry ran from his apartment to Newman's apartement in under this amount of time?
One of the two foods you get when you go on Kramer's Real Peterman Bus Tour?
The three letter high score on the Frogger arcade game?
When discussing when Elaine should pull the plug if Kramer falls into a coma, what does Kramer say he has to have?
According to the umbrella salesman on the street, who came up with twirling the umbrella to increase sales?
What is Elaine eating out of Kevin's fridge when he says 'Ever heard of asking' in the Bizzaro Episode?
Who is the chairman of the Susan Ross Foundation?

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