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Name of the animal expert Kramer has on his Merv Griffin apartment set?
The name of the Mandelbaum's crepe restaurant?
The name of the parrot that eats Kramer's key for his strong box.
Name the 'George' in the bizzaro episode?
The nickname of the guy that sits with Elaine and Puddy on the airplane?
The name of the intern Kramer gets to help out with Kramerica Industries?
Type of glasses George buys that were ladies frames?
The name of the Video store where they rent movies?
What was the prize Frank was going to give Lloyd Braun in the Serenity Now episode?
The bagel store Kramer was on strike from?
In the Frogger episode, the name that Kramer gave for the 'Lopper' the Riverside Park serial killer?
The name of the library detective?
The name of the 'town' Kramer calls the apartment after taking the Costanza's screen door?
The name of the apartment landlord who wants to evict Newman in the 'Reverse Peephole' episode?
The name of the bootlegged movie Jerry & Kramer tape with Elaine dancing at the end?
The name of the bodega owner in the Little Jerry - cock fighting episode?
George's 2 horses at his fake Hamptons home?
The type of air conditioner unit that falls out of Jerry's apartment?
Jerry's alias or fake name in the Puerto Rican Day parade episode?
The name of the homless guy that disappears with the rickshaw? Kramer also knew a horse with the same name?

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