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Definition4 letter wordRung #
With rungs 4, 9, and 16, the first of a religious group (this one is an abbreviation)1
Either one of a pair2
An adult female horse3
With rungs 1, 9, and 16, the second of a religious group4
A small brown bird that is known for singing5
To not have enough of something that you need 6
Cary Grant movie 'Arsenic and Old ______'7
There are 5 great ones8
With rungs 1, 4, and 16, the third of a religious group9
You might put this on a fishhook10
To heal completely11
A small piece of hard skin on your foot 13
A dime, nickel, or penny14
To become a member15
With rungs 1, 4, and 9, the fourth of a religious group16

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