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ClicheMissing Word
It's _______ cats and dogs.
Good to the last ____.
Money is the ____ of evil.
Misery loves _______.
Fit as a ______
_________ killed the cat.
Let ________ dogs lie.
Laughter is the best ________.
A ____ of his own medicine.
_______ Peter to pay Paul.
Don't ____ your luck.
Silence is ______.
There's no such thing as a ____ lunch.
Not for all the tea in _____.
Caught _______ a rock and a hard place.
ClicheMissing Word
________ from the horse's mouth.
Blood is _______ than water.
A _____ in time saves nine.
A penny _____ is a penny earned.
On the brink of ________.
The _____ doesn't fall far from the tree.
My way or the _______.
______ than a New York minute.
No ____ Sherlock!
Like a ______ on prom night.
Cold enough to freeze the _____ off a brass monkey.
The pen is ________ than the sword.
A ______ in the heart.
A miss is as good as a ____.
A ____ of all trades, master of none.

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