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Travelled through water (type swam)
Exchange one thing for another
Strike with palm of hand
Unpleasant school dinner food
Accidently slide on wet surface
Large boat for long journeys
Front of lower leg
The external covering of a human body or animal
Move along lightly, stepping from one foot to the other with a hop or bounce.
Slide sideways from stopping or turning too quickly
(Move around the letters in last word) Other word for children
You do this in an auction when you want to buy
Babies wear them to stop food falling on clothes
Floats (up and down motion)
Top of oven to heat saucpan
Jumps on one leg
External sides of pelvis
Seeds in lemons
Connect together to get water from one place to another
Type of fish
Go for walk up steep surface
Bees’ home
____ and seek
The rising and falling of the sea
Can be placed on roof or floor

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