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Can you name the names of things we usually can't remember, from their descriptions?

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The piece of plastic covering the ends of your shoelaces.
The posts in car parks that stop cars going through, but allow bikes, wheelchairs, etc.
Non-alphanumeric, non-punctuation characters, usually used when you want to write something like swear words.
The metal band that connects the pencil rubber to the end of the pencil.
The leather loop in your belt or watch strap that keeps the end in place after it has been fastened through the buckle.
The groove made by a sawblade, ie, the width of a cut.
The small indentation at the bottom or a wine bottle, designed to give the bottle extra strength, and also, to make it look like it has more wine than it really does.
The vertical groove between your lip and nose.
The points of light that you see behind your eyelids when you shut your eyes really hard.
The little piece of cartilage that sticks out at the front side of your ear.

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