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Main character. Has a webshow.
Main characters best friend. Helps with the webshow.
Has a crush on main character. Technical producer for the webshow.
Older brother of the main character.
Friend of the main character. Sometimes appears on the webshow. Likes to take off his shirt.
Annoying and over protective mother of the technical producer.
The doorman of the building where the main character lives.
A worker at the groovy smoothie.
Friend of the main characters brother. Wears cool socks.
Rival of the main character. Technical nerd.
Kid who gets main characters brother in trouble. Always gets grounded.
The brother of the guy who likes to take his shirt off.
The mother of the guy who likes to take his shirt off.
Main characters grandad. Lives in Yakima.
Number 1 fan of icarly.
Principle of Ridgeway Junior High School.
Mean teacher at Ridgeway Junior High School.
The detention moderator and mathematician at Ridgeway High School.
A mentally unstable teacher at Ridgeway High School.
WAS the main characters best friend.
Has her own webshow. Went out with the technical producer.
Sick kid. 'Germy'

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