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Well I'm not a trick you play I'm wired a different way I'm not a mistake, I'm not a fake It's set in my DNA
I know what it feels like to have your dreams crushed right in front of you I've been there before eventually everyone will too
I will learn to go baby, come here for I will let you up away
You'd love to know the things I do when I'm with my friends and not with you
Just be by myself I wanna be [wanna be] more carefree. Can't you see
Don't keep me waiting, anticipating treating me like a fool I got news for you, I'm turning my back I'm dropping a bomb on you
I noticed you, standin' there beside the door I noticed you, were lookin' for more of m-e I stood watching you freak out
I'm gonna put on my dancing shoes and find a crazy outfit 'cause tonight it's all about you

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