Makers of Firearms

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MAB38, M9Italy
SMLE No.4, L85United Kingdom
M16A2, M1911United States of America
AUG, TMPAustria
M1918 BAR, M1919United States of America
PPK, P38, Gewehr 43Germany
m/62, m/45Denmark
Samopal 24, ZH29Czechoslovakia
Lanchester, L2, L34United Kingdom
Galil, UziIsrael
m/45, AK5Sweden
FA-MAS G-2, FR-F2France
L96A1, AS50United Kingdom
M1903, M14United States of America
M870, R700United States of America
Model 12, M1 GarandUnited States of America
Kar98k, StG44Germany
Type 64, Type 89Japan
K2, K1A1Korea
SAR80, SAR21Singapore
R1, R4South Africa
SG510, SSG550Switzerland
MP-9, Mini-14United States of America
M59/66, M76Yugoslavia

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