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Right to Privacy protects a 'fundamental liberty' to terminate pregnancy before viability (trimester analysis)
Indirect interrogation not protected by Miranda (police trickery protected?)
Strict Scrutiny applied to integration plan as reverse discrimination; no compelling government interest; 'white vs. non-white' distinction too amorphous
WHR declines to overturn Miranda citing stare decisis, cultural significance
Applies Exclusionary Rule to the states
Partial-birth abortion ban upheld
Thermal imaging requires warrant, not in 'plain view'
Court OKs warrantless street level searches with 'reasonable suspicion' of weapons
Probable cause is the standard for arrest, even for minor traffic offenses
Overrules precedent to disallow executions of minors; evolving standards; international law
Applies strict scrutiny to all Fed. aff. action programs; applied to socioeconomic classification
Strict scrutiny applied to set-aside program coped from Federal Gov. found to be overly broad
Interdistrict busing is not a permissible remedy for White Flight
Death penalty does not violate Equal Protection despite stats suggesting racial bias
Exigency of the circumstances may allow for 'hot pursuit' exception to 4A
Originalist reading means persons of African descent can never hold US citizenship
Overrules precedent to allow victim impact statements in sentencing
Pat down in a street level stop may be OK, but no 'plain feel' exception to 4A
Police may search the area incident to arrest for their protection
Sudden flight is reasonable suspicion for a street level warrantless stop
Double questioning disallowed as a violation of Miranda
Court applies weak RR test to discrimination against mentally retarded in civil commitment proceedings
Remedial decision; requires desegregation with 'all deliberate speed'
Drug testing for federal employees without probable cause or suspicion is OK
Routine traffic stop does not justify full field search of car (no 'search incident to citation')
Warrantless helicopter surveillance OK b/c diminished expectations
Bright Line notification of criminal suspect rights
Separate but Equal is OK; blacks are inferring their inferiority from the separation
Segregation in DC schools violates 5A Due Process (Equal Protection only applies to states)
Extends good faith Ex. Rule exception to mistaken computerized police records
Specific wording of Miranda not required
Exploratory physical manipulation of a bus passenger bag is violation of 4A
Colorado may not prohibit the prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation (no rational basis)
Court can order busing to achieve integration, but 'mathematical exactitude' not required for racial balance
Penumbral theory yields Right to Privacy in contraception case
Separate but Equal violates Equal Protection, remedy not identified
No 14A right to prescribe lethal dosages; leaves open physician-assisted suicide
VMI must admit women b/c no 'exceedingly persuasive' justification for discrimination
White contractor who never applied still has standing to challenge set-aside program
Race-conscious college admissions are permissible but quotas are not; quotas fail 'exacting scrutiny' b/c no meaningful difference between minorities
Upholds statutory rape law that applies only to men on biological grounds
Special needs justifies mandatory regular drug testing for all students in extra curriculars
State hospitals may not hand over drug testing of moms-to-be without warrant or suspicion under 4A
Six requirements of Green v. New Kent County need not be met for lower courts to withdraw supervision of integration efforts
Extends good faith Ex. Rule exception to negligent errors
Strikes down unequal army benefits for male dependents; plurality accepts gender as 'suspect category'
Overrules precedent to disallow executions of mentally retarded; evolving standards
Informational checkpoints OK b/c non-discriminatory, not out to catch subjects (cost/benefit analysis)
Strip search for Ibuprofen not justified by special needs
Reasonable suspicion for airport warrantless search for drugs OK based on (non-racial) profiling factors
4A protection is defined by 'reasonable expectation' of privacy
Wiretaps are not within 4A protection b/c not concrete therefore cannot be 'seized'
School special needs extend to mandatory testing for athletes
Death Penalty violates 8A as applied, too irregular and unpredicable in application
'Fundamental Liberty' to terminate life support system exists given clear & convincing evidence of patient's desire
Peering into apt is OK b/c it's a commercial place (b/c drug deal going on)
Coerced confessions may be harmless error (this one wasn't)
Police may only seize what is in 'plain view' outside of the warrant
Inevitable discovery exception to Ex. Rule
Child rapists cannot be executed; death penalty only used when death results or was intended; evolving standards
Search after arrest for minor offense OK even if arrest itself maybe not OK
'Fundamental liberty' to terminate pregnancy before viability upheld; 'undue burden' test imposed (only spousal notification fails)
States may not limit mitigating factors in sentencing
Sodomy law violates 14A fundamental right and maybe equal protection; overrules Bowers
UM undergraduate admissions not OK; point system too much like quotas, lack of individualized consideration
Good faith exception to Ex. Rule recognized b/c no deterrent effect
Search of containers in cars OK b/c prohibitions have created confusion and burden for law enforcement
State may deny funds for medically unnecessary abortions for indigents
UM Law admissions OK; goal of 'critical mass' general enough to allow for individualized consideration

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