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Can you name the IMDb Top 250 movies in which these people appear?

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How to Play Forced Order
ActorMovieIMDb Ranking
Carl Weathers
Stephen Baldwin
Corey Feldman
Marlon Wayans
Colin Farrell
Vin Diesel
Greg Proops*
Brendan Fraser
Donnie Wahlberg
Jonathan Taylor Thomas*
Vivica A. Fox
Craig T. Nelson*
Frank Sinatra
Winona Ryder
David Bowie
ActorMovieIMDb Ranking
Zach Galifianakis
Andre the Giant
Billy Ray Cyrus
Tara Reid
Mike Myers
Katie Holmes
Tim Allen*
Duke Ellington
Kirsten Dunst
Paul Reiser
Wilford Brimley
Judah Friedlander
John C. Reilly
Patrick Swayze
Steve Carell

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