Del Preston's Ozzy Story

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Can you name the words missing from Del Preston's Ozzy story?

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What Del SaidMissing Words
So there I am in _____________,
formerly ___________,
at about ___________ in the morning,
looking for one thousand _____________
to fill a _______________
or _________ wouldn't go on stage that night.
So, ___________ pops his head 'round the door
and mentions there's a little ____________ on the edge of town.
So - we go. And - it's __________
So there's me, and ______________
What Del SaidMissing Words
and _______________ breaking into that little sweets shop, eh.
Well instead of a _____________,
they've got this bloody great big ________________.
I managed to take out the ________
with a can of _______,
but the shopowner and his _____, well that's another story altogether.
I had to beat them to _______
with their own _______. Nasty business really.
But sure enough, I got the ___________
and _________ went on stage and did a great show.

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