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Plays / Most used tag excluding 'punk'BandMost listened to track
66.0m/punk rockLondon Calling
18.2m/punk rockGod Save The Queen
12.2m/irishDirty Old Town
11.2m/modTown Called Malice
9.6m/punk rockEver Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)?
9.8m/post-punkTotally Wired
9.6m/post-punkEx Lion Tamer
7.3m/post-punkDamaged Goods
7.8m/new waveGolden Brown
5.1m/hardcore punkSex and Violence
5.1m/punk rockViva La Revolution
4.8m/punk rockNew Rose
3.1m/anarcho-punkDo They Owe Us A Living?
3.1m/punk rockNellie the Elephant
3.1m/punk rockAlternative Ulster
3.1m/punk rockTeenage Kicks
3.0m/oiEngland Belongs to Me
2.9m/d-beatThe Nightmare Continues
2.0m/oiIf The Kids Are United
2.0m/post-punkShot By Both Sides
1.8m/punk rockIdentity
1.8m/psychobillySkating in the Rain
1.5m/oiOi! Oi! Oi!
1.6m/hardcore punkCity Baby Attacked by Rats
1.8m/anarcho-punkBlissful Myth
1.5m/punk rockWarhead
1.4m/punk rockBaby Baby
1.4m/oiSuburban Rebels
1.4m/post-punkI Heard It Through The Grapevine
1.4m/anarcho-punkMickey Mouse Is Dead
1.4m/punk rockI Want The Moon
1.1m/oiOne Law For Them
1.0m/new waveAnother Girl, Another Planet
964k/anarcho-punkThe Ungovernable Force
1.0m/punk rockDancing With Myself
982k/punk rockOne Chord Wonders
1.0m/post-punkAnother Song
902k/oiLast Night Another Soldier
819k/oiBoot Down The Doors
882k/punk rockHomicide
720'k/punk rockTake No Chances
862k/punk rockSo What
865k/new waveHit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
818k/new waveTurning Japanese
813k/post-punkLost Highway
679k/ska punkMoney
667k/oiWork Together
Plays / Most used tag excluding 'punk'BandMost listened to track
564k/hardcore punkProtest and Survive
444k/punk rockTop Of The Pops
431k/punk rockBabylon's Burning
411k/punk rockI'm A Rat
396k/punk rockLatex Love
516k/punk rockFirst Time
480k/hardcore punkKill Your Baby
350k/female vocalistsLove Your Money
338k/oiBanned From the Pubs
474k/anarcho-punkCan't Cheat Karma
463k/new waveInto The Valley
312k/ska punkThe Dominant View
294k/punk rockDo Anything You Wanna Do
356k/oiI Don't Give A F*ck
256k/riot grrrlLike A (huggy) Bear (outro)
248k/post-punkMy Night Out
242k/pub rockMotor Boys Motor
351k/oiMy Retribution
314k/punk rockBoston Babies
317k/punk rockAin't Got A Clue
217k/street punkOutsider
256k/punk rockRight to Work
180k/ska punkB.P.C.
226k/punk rockFifteen
173k/street punkBelieve in Yourself
247k/hardcore punkComplete Disorder
172k/oiBeer and Fags
171k/new wave2-4-6-8 Motorway
243k/oiIn the Gutter
154k/comedySweaty Betty
212k/punk rockDon't Dictate
151k/post-punkAction Time Vision
150k/psychobillyAlcoholic Rat
188k/oiThe Winner
270k/hardcore punkDecapitated
145k/street punkVoice of Youth
142k/dubRudeboy Return
139k/new waveThe Sound Of The Suburbs
131k/oiScrewed Up
150'k/anarcho-punkSeal Cull
154k/punk rockJet Boy Jet Girl
162k/post-punkHold Up
172k/crack rock steadyNot Dead Yet
153k/anarcho-punkF*cked Up State

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