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n----bour it's one of those eigh words
notice the [e] in no-----ble
oc+ca+sion+al+ly note [op],[ob] and [oc] prefixes meaning facing or up against.
Remember not only the occu--ence of double double consonants in this word, but that the suffix is -ence
Since a pa----e is something you do to pass the time, you would expect a double [s] here. Well, there is only one.
per------nce like severance. contains ever.
'Two Ns, one L.' per---nel
playwright because they play wright
Possession possesses more [s]s than a snake.
precede. CEDE, CEED & CESS which come from the Latin cedere which means GO, YIELD & SURRENDER.
the school principal is a prince and a pal (despite appearances)
A 'principle' is a rule think of disciple.
privilege This ROOT-WORD is LEG meaning LAW. privileged like the lord of the privi
pronounce the nun in pronunciation
to be seen by other people; is to be seen pu-----y
French like Voltaire and millionaire Question+naire

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