10 most misspelled words I to K

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Can you name the 10 most misspelled words I to K?

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Don't show your ig-----ce by spelling this word -ence!
'Not mediate' means direct which is why 'im-----te' means 'directly.'
Please be ind------nt but not in your spelling of this word. It ends on -ent
. in+dis+pens+able it is a bit like pensive or penser, to think
This one sounds like a shot in the eye. One [n] the eye is enough. in----ate
Using two [l]s in this word and ending it on -ence rather than -ance are marks of int------nce.
this word has Jew and well in it.
it is was the judge's ju---ent.
Ken and Nell spot the symmetry in ker--l.

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