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starts with be and it is a thing faithful people do in churches
ca+mou+flage disguise
Starts with ca an [a] sound ends with ar also an [a] sound and it has the word lend in the middle.
This word is not in a list with 'catastrophe' even if it sounds like it: the middle letter is [e] as in cater. It is gory. .
There are three [e]'s in this place where they bury people.
An -ible word. You just have to remember to add it to your co-----ion.
Silent final [e] is commonplace in English but a silent final [n] is not uncommon, especially after [m].
This word doubles its final [t] from 'commit'
con + science
word contains scien like in [science] starts with [con] ends with [ious]
Try to be awake to and curious about the 'sc' [ch] sound and all the vowels in this word's ending and i-o-u.
The census does not require a con-----s, since they are not related. but try using sense.

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