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Glory +ous
C_urage +ous
syl +lable and why is there a [y] because [sym] means with or together
syn +the +sis
This is a neutral vowel problem are they [i]'s or [e]'s _mped_ment
It's an other neutral vowel problem ped_gree
un +sym +path +etic +al +ly and why is there a [y] because [sym] means with or together
Sometimes [miss] or [mit] means send and sometimes [mis] means wrongly. Submit becomes subm------
dismis--- means to send someone away
permit goes to permi------ but is it [ible] or [able] remeber the rule about words ending in [s] or [t]
promise something. It's not a comet.
The [sim] in simple has nothing to do with togetherness that is why it is simple. over--------ing
ging--- tablecloth
The [mis] in mistake has nothing to do with sending things and more to do with wrongness. unmis-----bly
this word has two neutral vowels are they [e]'s or are they [i]'s. un-mag-nable
this word is completely gen----
dye + ing
die + ing
does this word have two [r]'s or one a__ogant
not a gorilla sounds the same.
Island starting with Gu
he is a really groovy g--
neutral vowel is it [e] or [i] or [o] guill-mot
neutral vowel is it [e] or [i] or [o] guill-tine
guin-- pig
beer Gui------
hot water spout g-----

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