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Hindu festival of lights
Nepali festival dedicated to the Hindu Shaiva Siddha
Afghani New Year festival
Festival celebrating the birth of Ram
Festival celebrated for the return of King Mahabali in the Indian state of Kerala by many religions
Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan
Christian holiday known as Hkarissamat nei in Burma, Nattala in Sinhalese, and Borodin in Bangla
Water festivan in Burma/Myanmar
Tamil harvest festival
Festival celebrating the birth of Krishna
Festival celebrated in West Bengal and Bangladesh honoring the Mother Goddess
Hindu festival of colors
Jain holiday celebrating the birth of Mahavira
Bangladesh's Independence Day
Shi’a Muslim day of mourning for the martyr Husayn bin Ali, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad
Bhutanese festival in the capital city where monks perform masked dances
Buddhist festival of Sri Lanka where elephants are decorated
Punjabi harvest festival

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