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The only city on earth where one can walk from asia to europe, or the other way around.
A so called 'rich/advanced/modern' city, but everyone there rides a bike...
The true capital of Australia.
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do.
Fish, chips, cup o' tea. Bad food, worse weather. Mary fu**in' poppins.
Known as Jamaica of Europe because of it's tolerant (soft)drugs policy.
Most romantic city in Europe, where scooters zoom through the ancient streets.
The Havana of America
It is the third-most populous metropolitan area in the European Union after Paris and London.
A large layer of thick smog in China, it is believed that there is a city in there.
The Capital of Cheese, French Fries, Art and Culture, And French Kissing.
Commonly known as Sin City, due to the popularity of legalized gambling, availability of alcoholic beverages at any time.
Canada's version of NYC.
The capital city named after the wall that used to run through it.
Neon lights, a subway faster than the speed of light, kitshy school girls and boys looking for America.
Rhyming slang for Belly.
World's largest city known for wealth, poverty, and it's history. The main place in Mexico that has civilized culture.
Known as MOCKBA in russian
Also called J-Town, definitely the coolest place in Indonesia
Home of tall buildings, neon, and pirates. Also a great place to pick up cheap anime dvds...
City in which Kim Jong-il resides and also the world's largest Theme Park.

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