A2 Geology Morphology

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Can you name the the features of the fossil types named?

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Head Section 
Middle Section 
Tail Section 
Single Segment 
Central Lobe 
Where the stomach is stored 
Between the Free and Fixed Cheek 
Where the Polyp Sits 
Axial Rod 
Vertical Plates 
Horizontal Plates 
The Skeleton 
Outermost Layer 
Area of First Growth 
Fleshy Stalk 
Largest Valve 
Smaller Valve 
Closing Muscle 
Opening Muscle 
Area for Tube Feet 
Area for Spines 
'The Flower' 
For Taking in Water 
For Release of Genetic Material 
For Attachment of Spines 
Wide Base of Spines 
Nipple Like area of Spine 
Irregular Echinoid
Lined with Cillia (Heart Shape) 
Flower Like Shape on Top 
Lip to Protect Mouth 
For Spine Attachment 
Mark Left By Muscles (Specific) 
Marks End of Soft Body 
Where the Siphon is Stored 
Teeth and Socket (Articulated) 
Covers Hinge Plate 
Horny Extrusion 
One Turn of the Shell 
All the Turns (Except the First) 
Top of Shell 
Opening of Shell 
Siphon Extension Area 
Possibly for Attachment 
Individual Cup 
Branch of Cups 
Conical Tube made by the First Creature 
Entire Skeleton 
Calcite Stem Plate 
Main Part of Crinoid 
Feeding Structures 
For Attachment 
Opening for Soft Body 
Tube Connecting Chambers 
Supports the Above answer 
Separates the Chambers 
Suture Raised Towards Front 
Opposite of Above 
Fish with Gills and Lungs 
Controls Buoyancy 
Gives Limbs Support 
Bird Hipped 
Lizard Hipped 
Eg Diplodicus 
Eg Tyrannosaurus Rex 
Eg Iguanodon 

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