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How many companions has th 10th Doctor had (for a whole series)?
What sport did the doctor think was used with sticks?
How long had the Doctor and Rose been away when they came back?
Who got sucked into the crack? Amy, River or Rory
What are the colours of the 11th Doctors 2 bow ties?
How old is Amy Pond in series 5?
What did Rose look into in the Parting of The Ways?
Which companion did the 10th Doctor have to share a bed with?
When Rose saves her father from getting killed what alien is craeted?
What is Donna's grandad called?
What is the Doctor the last of?
What did the 10th Doctor hit a sontaran with on the back of the neck?
True or False, the Cybermen have been in every series from 1-5?
How old was Rose when she first travelled with the Doctor?
How old is the Doctor in series 5?
What are the 2 colours of the 10th Doctors suits?
Who does River shoot in the future?
When Rose came back what did she tell Donna to warn the Doctor?
What is the 11th Doctors favourite word?
What year did Rose and the 9th Doctor meet the dalek?
Who is the 9th Doctors 1st companion?
Has the Doctor kissed all these people, Rose, Martha, Donna , Jack and Amy?
Did the master make the Doctor older or younger?
Who are homo-reptilia?
What was the exact date Amy and Rory got married?

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