Wrestlers' Previous Gimmicks

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Can you name the Wrestlers' Previous Gimmicks?

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Previous Name/GimmickWell-Known Name/Gimmick
Jean-Paul Levesque
Isaac Yankem
The Ringmaster
Leif Cassidy
Flex Cavana
Martin Kane
The Prototype
Sean Micheals
Willow the Wisp
Bladerunner Flash
Sterling Golden
Black Magic
Big Stevie Cool
Sexton Hardcastle
Corazon de Leon
Pegasus Kid
Tex Slazenger
Previous Name/GimmickWell-Known Name/Gimmick
Vince Torelli
Johnny Polo
Aldo Montoya
Ricky Rhodes
Richard Blood
Diamond Studd
The Kid
Mr. JL
T.D. Madison
Big Bubba Rogers
Travis Bain
Miss Congeniality
Dark Secret
Justin Hawk
Giant Singh
Christian Cage
Chris Justice
Gene Mondo

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