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Summary of PlotBook Of The Bible
A minor prophet details a locust plague and severe drought that affects Judah.
Jesus' headstrong friend writes to Christians (part one).
A prophet that is captive in Babylon is told by the Lord that his wife will die -- just as Jerusalem will be conquered and destroyed.
Solomon's take on life -- having had great success, he calls all things of Earth apart from the pursuit of God, 'vanity'.
A pampered Eqyptian prince leaves his homeland, then returns to help a bunch of slaves escape captivity.
Paul writes to a young preacher to encourage him (part two).
Third letter from Jesus' closest friend to the churches.
Paul's letter to the most important city in Asia Minor (now Turkey), expressing the need for unity, maturity, the renewal of one's personal life and deference in personal relations
Gives the historical account of what the disciples did after Jesus' death and resurrection. The early spread of the Gospel message.
A doctor gives his rendition of the Gospel story.
The world is created, the fall of man, the story of Abraham.
A dialogue between the prophet and God. The prophet asks why the evil in Judah goes unpunished.
A prophet of doom, commanded by the Lord not to marry, preaches in Judah, but has few friends. The longest book in the Bible.
The continuing story of Israel's kings, and Elijah and Elisha (part two).
The invasion of Jerusalem by Philistines and the attacks of the Babylonians.
Moses' farewell address to the Israelites.
The return from exile and the rebuilding of the Temple.
The conquest of the Promised Land by the Israelites.
The story of Solomon and the many kings that followed him. Includes the ministries of Elijah and Elisha (part one).
A prophet details the first part of his story -- covering the first two kings of Israel. The first king goes crazy and the second king commits a mortal sin, but repents.
Paul writes to a young preacher to encourage him (part one).
A young Israelite girl uses her influence with the King to spare her people hardship and persecution.
Summary of PlotBook Of The Bible
Jesus' brother writes of the dangers of favoritism, worldliness, and the tongue.
Rebuilding the Wall of Jerusalem after the return from the exile.
Second letter from Jesus' closest friend to the churches.
Paul writes a church that was started by a convert of his from Ephesus. Paul writes to correct numerous heresies that they had begun to believe including Angel worship and Secret K
A bunch of songs written by David and others.
A great guy gets thrown to the lions, but survies.
First letter from Paul to a church where his first visit resulted in a near riot, forcing him to flee.
The five main offerings to be given to the Lord, rules for cleanness and the Day of Atonement. Also -- rules for priests.
A former travelling partner of Paul tells Jesus' Gospel story.
A minor prophet talks about the Day of the Lord Coming on Judah, God's Judgement of the Nations, and the Redemption of the Remnant.
A man rebels against the Lord's plan to preach in a city that he hates and God has him swallowed by a fish.
First letter to one of the biggest cities in Greece. The church there had problems with Christians identifying themselves not with Christ, but with a favorite teacher (Apollos, Pau
The poetry that covers the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.
A former tax collector tells his observations in this Gospel story.
God and Satan discuss a righteous man and his reaction to tribulation. His friends come by to chat, but don't help much.
A King of Israel expresses his love and desire for his wife. She returns the favor.
Paul writes to a church to thank them for the support they've sent while he's been imprisoned in Rome. He encourages them to live a life worthy of the Gospel, and warns against Jud
After Joshua's death, until the time of the first monarchs of Israel. The story of Samson.
The only letter from this writer in the New Testament, he addresses the danger of false teachers and apostates.
Jesus' close friend tells of visions he's had of the future.
A recap of the Patriarchs, the sons of Jacob, geneologies from the Creation to the Restoration. Also, recaps of David's rule and Solomon's rule (part one).
The Israelite's journey from Mount Sinai to the plains of Moab. Highlights the murmuring and rebellion of God's people.
Summary of PlotBook Of The Bible
Paul writes a church that he's never visited, but has tried to travel there several times. The church is in the capital of the Roman Empire.
A prophet is instructed to take as his wife an unfaithful woman. The illustration is used by God to show Israel's relationship to Him.
Ninevah's fall is prophesied.
A collection of the sayings of Solomon, the wisest human man to ever live.
Second letter to one of the biggest cities in Greece. The letter covers forgiving people who sin and asks for a donation for the believers in Jerusalem.
A minor prophet speaks out against Israel's religious malaise. Even though the temple has been rebuilt, people don't have their hearts right with God. Also, the final book of the O
Paul writes to a friend and slaveowner about one of the man's slaves -- also a believer.
A minor prophet calls for the Israelites to complete the rebuilding of the temple that they'd begun. He has a series of eight night visions.
An unknown writer pens a letter to Christian Jews.
First letter from Jesus' closest friend to the churches.
Second letter from Paul to a church where his first visit resulted in a near riot, forcing him to flee.
Jesus' headstrong friend writes to Christians (part two).
Jesus' best friend on Earth tells his Gospel story.
A minor prophet calls for the rebuilding of the temple.
A recap of Solomon's rule (part two), the building of the Temple, and the Kings of Judah.
A contemporary of Isaiah and Hosea predicts destruction unless Israel repents.
Two widows, one the daughter-in-law of the other, struggle with the hardships of life until the younger one finds a husband.
Paul writes to a young man that he has trained and that now is ministering in Crete.
A minor prophet, working as a field hand with sheep and in the sycamore-fig groves proclaims judgement on the Nations and details Oracles against Israel.
A circular letter from Paul to several churches in a region. His primary message is the Justification of the Doctrine of Liberty and Faith.
A major prophet details his ministry during the expansion of the Assyrian empire and the decline of Israel. Most famous in Christian circles for its many prophesies about the comin
A prophet details the second part of his story -- covering the rest of the kingship of David.

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