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Hero's best friend
Daughter of Hero's teacher
First centaur to join the SF
First soldier to join the SF
First archer to join the SF
First mage to join the SF
Wandering monk
Retired old dwarf
Rat girl
Studying at Manarina
Doing laundry at Manarina
Trapped in Shade Abbey
Female bird warrior
Pink haired sniper
Quit the Rune Army
A fired guard
Spoony Hamster
Elderly inventor
Armored armadillo
Mysterious egg
Seeking revenge
Foxy mage
Eldest mage
Rocket launcher
The last dragon
Ancient automata
Hidden ninja
Travelling samurai
Little record keeper
Hero's teacher
Shining Force tactician
Weilder of the Dark Sword
Dark witch
General in the Rune Army
Commander in the Rune Army
King of Runefaust
The Devil King
1,000 year old menace

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