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Can you name the game or game series by their weapons?

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Vampire Killer (Whip)
Dagger of Time
Master Sword
Buster Sword - Blade
Ebony and Ivory (Pistols)
Mega Buster
Arm Cannon
K7 Avenger (Assault Rifle)
Blades of Athena
Fusion and Lumina (Swords)
Star Rod
Hammer of Dawn
KF7 Soviet (Assault Rifle)
Sentinel Beam
R.Y.N.O. (Rip ya a new one)
BFG 9000
Loto's Sword - Erdrick's Sword
Electricity Gun
Vector Cannon
Lightning Hawk (Magnum)
Edelweiss (Tank)
Gun Del Sol
Poltregust 3000
KOS-MOS (Artificial Human)
Arwing (Space Jet)
Sunder and Keening (Hammer and Blade)
A.R.S. Battle Suit

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