The Simpsons Characters A-Z

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Kwik-E-Mart OwnerA
Recovering AlcoholicB
Slap-Jawed YokelC
Bart's TeacherE
Professor JohnF
Unlucky SalesmanG
Simpsons Family DoctorH
Scratchy's Nemesis I
Hat-Wearing BullyJ
Green-Haired ClownK
Carl's Best FriendL
Suicidal BartenderM
School Yard BullyN
School Bus DriverO
Selma's Twin SisterP
Mayor of SpringfieldQ
Lisa's Foolish ClassmateR
School PrincipalS
Local ReverendT
German Exchange StudentU
Milhouse's SurnameV
Homer's Internet Alter EgoX
Always Answers With YesY
Bully Kearney's SurnameZ

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