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InitialsTitle(Year) - Actor
TBB(1980) - John Belushi
S(1981) - Bill Murrary
ETTET(1982) - Henry Thomas
SI(1983) - Clint Eastwood
TKK(1984) - Ralph Macchio
TBC(1985) - Paul Gleason
LSOH(1986) - Rick Moranis
PTAA(1987) - Steve Martin
RM(1988) - Dustin Hoffman
B(1989) - Jack Nicholson
HA(1990) - Macaulay Culkin
RHPOT(1991) - Kevin Costner
LW3(1992) - Mel Gibson
TF(1993) - Harrison Ford
TSR(1994) - Tim Robbins
InitialsTitle(Year) - Actor
LLV(1995) - Nicolas Cage
ID(1996) - Will Smith
LL(1997) - Jim Carrey
TSAM(1998) - Cameron Diaz
FC(1999) - Brad Pitt
DWMC(2000) - Ashton Kutcher
OE(2001) - George Clooney
SM(2002) - Tobey Maguire
SOR(2003) - Jack Black
TDAT(2004) - Jake Gyllenhaal
WOTW(2005) - Tom Cruise
TDVC(2006) - Tom Hanks
TSM(2007) - Dan Castellaneta
TDK(2008) - Heath Ledger
TH(2009) - Bradley Cooper

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