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Can you name the Dutch things?

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Famous Beerbrand
Prime Minister
Typical Footwear
Neighbor 1
Neighbor 2
Typical Flower
Famous Director (Robocop, Blackbook)
Famous Actor (Blade Runner, Sin City)
Famous Actress (Goldeneye, X-men)
Painter of 'the Nightwatch'
Painter of 'the Patato Eaters'
International Court (city)
International Model
Dutch name for New York
Suspect in Natalie Holloway case
Nr. 1 DJ of the World
Ajax and Barcelona Legend
Famous soccertrainer (Russia, Australia, Korea)
Jewish girl, wrote diary in WWII
Rock/Pop Band (Radar Love)
Singer (Little Green Bag)
Flight Pioneer
Ice Skate World Champion (Male)
Worldfamous Themepark

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