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Roses of Humanity's debut music video was for what song?
Who is the singer's biggest influence?
Name the drummer
What is the title of Roses of Humanity's debut demo album?
Where do Roses of Humanity record their songs?
Name the bass player
How many band members are there?
Name the lead guitarist
How many instruments can lead singer Paul Bartolome play?
Name the two ex-members of Roses of Humanity
What is the title of Roses of Humanity's debut Ep?
Who is the youngest member of Roses of Humanity?
What instrument did David originally play?
When did the band form?
Where did Roses of Humanity place at Huntingdon's Battle of the Bands 2011?
How many tracks were on Fallen Angel (Demo album)?
What age was David when he wrote Roses of Humanity's first single?
Who is the oldest member of Roses of Humanity?
Where was the 'Dead Inside' music video filmed?
What month and year did Roses of Humanity first appear on HCRfm radio?

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