Roses of Humanity A-Z

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ADrummer's favourite band
BRhythm Guitarist
CLead Guitaris
ESinger's favourite band
FThe age of the singer
GThe instrument the drummer originally played
HWhere Roses of Humanity came 2nd
IMake of guitar the rhythm guitarist uses
KSong from Fallen Angel (Demo Album)
LMake of guitar the lead guitarist uses
NThe name of the producer at Half-Ton studios
OMake of amp is used at Half-Ton to record the guitar tracks
QThe formal name of a five piece band
R2nd track on The Walking Dead - EP
TThe amount of bands the singer has been in
UThe country Roses of Humanity come from
VThe instrument that is used in The Walking Dead
WThe singer got this at Huntingdon's Battle of the Bands
XThe instrument playing in the intro to Tears & Bullets
YThe band that roses of humanity covered Poker Face from
Zmake of the cymbals the drummer uses

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