Zelda Character Races

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Can you name the races of these Zelda characters?

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IliaTwilight Princess
DinMost games
LuluMajora's Mask
ArooPhantom Hourglass
MelariMinish Cap
YetaTwilight Princess
MidoOcarina of Time
MoeWind Waker
ImpaOcarina of Time
OoccooTwilight Princess
AnjeanSpirit Tracks
RosaOracle of Seasons
MakarWind Waker
DecciFour Swords Adventures
DaruniaOcarina of Time
KomaliWind Waker
GanondorfMost games
MidnaTwilight Princess
CielaPhantom Hourglass
PierreOcarina of Time
HaileyMinish Cap
Madame AromaMajora's Mask
ChefOracle of Ages
MamuLink's Awakening

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