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Can you name the notes to all playable songs from Zelda games?

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Song TitleNotesGame
Zelda's LullabyOcarina of Time
Epona's SongOcarina of Time
Saria's SongOcarina of Time
Sun's SongOcarina of Time
Song of TimeOcarina of Time
Song of StormsOcarina of Time
Minuet of ForestOcarina of Time
Bolero of FireOcarina of Time
Serenade of WaterOcarina of Time
Nocturne of ShadowOcarina of Time
Requiem of SpiritOcarina of Time
Prelude of LightOcarina of Time
Song of HealingMajora's Mask
Song of SoaringMajora's Mask
Sonata of AwakeningMajora's Mask
Goron LullabyMajora's Mask
New Wave Bossa NovaMajora's Mask
Song TitleNotesGame
Elegy of EmptinessMajora's Mask
Oath to OrderMajora's Mask
Song of Inverted TimeMajora's Mask
Song of Double TimeMajora's Mask
Wind's RequiemWind Waker
Song of PassingWind Waker
Ballad of GalesWind Waker
Command MelodyWind Waker
Earth God's LyricWind Waker
Wind God's AriaWind Waker
Song of AwakeningSpirit Tracks
Song of HealingSpirit Tracks
Song of BirdsSpirit Tracks
Song of LightSpirit Tracks
Song of DiscoverySpirit Tracks
Ballad of TwilightTwilight Princess

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